Ayala’s Marquee mall is now open!

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marquee 1 Marquee mall, Ayala Corporation’s  first mall venture in Angeles City Pampanga finally opens its doors to the public. The massive shopping center is located beside North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) at Angeles City, Pampanga (Region III Philippines).

We had a glimpse of Marquee on May of this year and our first impression was “it’s beautiful”. At first we thought it was owned by independent group of investors but later found out that Ayala Malls (a subsidiary of Ayala Corp.) owned it.

The 9 ha Marquee mall stands beside the Marquee Place, a 35 ha land that will soon hold Pampanga’s Central Business District with residential subdivisions and commercial centers. Both projects are estimated to cost around 2.6 billion Php.

What does Marquee means?

If you’re wondering what “Marquee” means here is the answer. Marquee isn’t a person nor a title of a noble person. A Marquee is a permanent canopy, often of metal and glass, projecting out over the entrance to a large building such as a hotel or theater.

Or it could also means having a public appeal or “connected” to having a public appeal. Ayala corp. must took this meanings into consideration on how the shopping would look like and how the public eye would react upon looking it.

What’s inside?

Among its several amenities, the Marquee shopping center holds 68,000 m2 of retail floor area, a Department store, supermarket, hundreds of popular specialty stores, fast food outlets and restaurants. It also houses 4 Digital cinemas, amusement center, I.T. zone, children’s playground, an activity center and can accommodate more than 1,000 cars on its parking area.

How to get there?

Click the google map to enlarge:

Marquee location Marquee 2

But this isn’t all there is to it. Visit the Marquee mall and discover more of its picturesque buildings and well landscaped gardens. It surely is a new shopping experience all families would love.


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  1. Nice! Another additional mall to the ayal group of malls!

  2. 3xc says:

    bravo to the ayala corporation!

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