Bagyong Ondoy/Storm Ketsana: “Terrorizes” Philippines

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Yesterday (September 26,2009) Filipinos got the biggest shock of their lives. As bagyong Odong “A.K.A” Storm Ketsana, flooded every nook and crannies of the busiest places in NCR (National Capital Region) All the prime cities like Manila, Quezon, Makati, Marikina got swamped like nothing you have seen before in the past 50 years!

(You may want to see this link: Bagyong Ondoy/Storm Ketsana: Philippine’s worst flood ever recorded! For a detailed view about the nightmarish torrent that literally transformed Metro Manila into Atlantis)

The “great flood” was scientifically deduced by PAG-ASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration) as the longest-measured rainfall ever recorded in the Philippines dethroning the 1967 flood record which lasted for 24 hours. Bagyong Ondoy’s record is something that never happened before in the history of PAG-ASA too.

bagyong ondoy-Storm ketsana official map

Coming from the mouth Nathaniel Cruz (Head of PAG-ASA)

nathaniel cruz

The total rainfall from “Ondoy” in the first six hours of the storm, which measured 341 millimeters, broke the record for the highest 24-hour rainfall of 334 millimeters in metropolitan Manila recorded by Pagasa in June 1967. It was still raining at the time of this posting, as flood waters brought large portions of a mega city of over ten million to a virtual standstill.

“Ondoy” in six hours is almost equal to the average monthly rainfall in Metro Manila, which he pegged at 392 millimeters.

Ibig sabihin nito, ‘yung ulan natin ng anim na oras, halos malapit nang maabot ‘yung kalimitang dami ng ulan natin buwan-buwan (This means our rainfall for six hours today is nearly equal to our average monthly rainfall),”

Just reading these startling revelations gives me “the chill” already. What the heck! You mean the average rain-fall we receive per month bashed pinoys in a one-time big time flood for 6 hours only?

Of course, we Filipinos would like to know the bottom line. Why this phenomena happened? Well, for Mister Cruz sake he “merely” said this could happen to these reasons:

Due to climate change, we should expect more extreme weather events like extreme rainfall,” He added that other factors such as Metro Manila’s poor drainage system, pollution, and garbage problem might have worsened the effects of the heavy downpour that ‘Ondoy’ brought to the area.

The extreme weather event might be nature’s way of calling the public’s attention to human activities that contribute to climatic fluctuations. Parang paalala lang ito sa mga tao,”

Sounds crazy right? I guess this time, PAG-ASA people got so “fed-up” reminding our public officials to clean those darn hefty drainages that they just wouldn’t even budge to sympathize with the effect of that catastrophic rainfall.

Maybe the quote:

“This storm is nature’s way of calling the attention of people”

Is Mister Cruz’ way of showing empathy to his fellow pinoys.

Here some videos about the catastrophic event:

Here are some screenshots taken from the grounds of UST (University of Santo Tomas): (Mind you, this is just one sample of how bagyong “Ondoy” terrorize the terrain of Metro Manila this Saturday) – click to enlarge


ust gate1

ust library

ust tan yang kee 2 ust-hs ust relief goods

Sources: account of a very helpful UST-employee.

Still not satisfied? Visit this shocker interview coming from celebrities like Christine Reyes (sexiest model FHM-Philippines 2009) who weren’t spared by the infamous typhoon and other yawning rescue stories coming from Philippine’s Most laziest, I mean diligent team ever assembled.

I’m just wondering, is this where our taxes are being paid-off?

cristine_reyes_fhm cover

(sources: ABS-CBN, GMA)


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