Beach fire destroys Surf Hotel and other buildings

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A fire broke out at or around after midnight at Hampton Beach’s Surf Hotel on Friday.  Just early this morning the beach fire has destroyed virtually an entire block of buildings. Based from initial report, five buildings were totally destroyed including the Happy Hampton Arcade and Mrs. Mitchell’s gift shop. While another building the Moulton Hotel, was severely damaged.

According to initial report,   firefighters from Hampton Beach and surrounding communities did their best to keep the fire from spreading, but intense winds off the Atlantic fan the flames onto surrounding buildings. According to Fire Official, it was a 5-alarm fire that broke  around 12 a.m. and after demolishing the wood-framed unoccupied hotel completely; it spread courtesy hurricane winds.

It is still fortunate despite of the incident that no injuries have been reported yet in that heavily populated Hampton vicinity in the Atlantic coast. This block on Ocean Boulevard has burned down 2 or 3 times in the last century, according to a fire official. As of this writing, the damage far has been estimated beyond $1 million since the storage facility, game arcade and gift shop alongside several apartments are reportedly turned into wreckage.

Continuous investigation is being done up to this very minute.


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