Belkin Shield Micra for iPhone 4

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Following the controversies that rose after some complaints involving the new model of iPhone emerged, Apple launched its iPhone 4 Case Program yesterday. The program introduced and made available to the market a black bumper and six different types of cases.

One of the six that were made available is the Belkin Shield Micra. The Belkin Shield Micra case is available in clear, royal purple and black pearl but  only the black pearl case is given away for free if you buy or have already bought the iPhone 4.

The case is designed to have a translucent polish that will surely improve your phone’s appearance. It is also thin and lightweight and it will not add to the bulky appearance of the phone. It claims to end the reception loss issue while holding the phone. Moreover, the case will provide a sturdy shell for your iPhone 4

Here are the features of the Belkin Shield Micra case: easy pop out removal of the device from the case, complete access to the connector, buttons and screen, form-fitting polycarbonate make, camera lens cut-out and one year warranty.

If you have already bought a case or has purchased the bumper, you can ask for a refund from Apple. All you need to do is download and install an application and you can choose the Belkin Micra Shield from the cases that are available.


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