Beware of joining vampire-goth sites. It could kill you

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Okay, I must admit we all have our fantasies… Some of them are light, others are dark. Though whatever the case may be, it indulges our illusions and made us the person who we are today.

However, it seems someone’s fantasy turned into a dreadful reality when she falls into a demise of two people (father and son) on a “vampire-freak” love-affair.

vampire lovers

According to dailymail, a 15 year old australian girl (Carly Ryan) was found dead by a swimmer, lying on Horseshoe Bay, South Australia, in February 2007 . Today the trial continues for the murder of the adolescent girl.

carly ryan

It’s said that Carly posted her pictures on a sicko-vampire site called “”. It’s a typical website that contains bizarre write-ups, cult artworks wherein it invites you to post your own provocative goth pictures to attract other viewers from sending you a message. The said site is full of members that’s been clamoring to find a  fellow pal to feed their fantasy as well.

vampire freaks logovampire freaks members

Carly is believed to have started a cyberspace romance through this website with a fictitious teenager username “Brandon” – Which was actually used by two people (Father and son) who are now accused of murdering her. The real name of this “Father and son” duo is not yet disclose by the court. It’s said that the Father already confessed that he is guilty to manslaughter but he and is son don’t plead guilty for murdering Carly.

Prosecutor Tim Preston went on to draft the case against the 50-year-old (Father) and his 18 year-old son:

When Carly’s killers (Father and Son) seen the profile of Carly on the goth website, the father cooked-up some “cyberspace alias” called Shane.

The username Shane wrote on the website that he was the father of an adopted teenager called Brandon – The one Carly is having a “deep” connection with.

As a result of his posting, internet contact was made between the father and son and Carly – the prosecutor telling the court ‘that dialogue continued right up until her death’.

It was said that Carly began to profess her love for “Brandon” over the internet – and the girl believed she was loved back by the fictional user who is now alleged to be used by both the father and son or one of them only.

Then the father cooked up another story:

Carly believed the father was going to buy a property in Adelaide, South Australia, for her and Brandon to live in, said the prosecutor, and in January 2007 he traveled from his home in neighboring Victoria to visit Carly.

With him he brought gifts for her – hundreds of dollars worth of clothing, including a corset and lingerie.

Mr Preston said the father had a sexual interest in Carly. He had allegedly told the teenager: ‘I love you, I would never let anything happen to you – you are beautiful.’

Carly told her mother that the man (father) had touched her in a sexual way’ before he returned to Victoria.

Weeks later, the court heard, the father and his son returned to Adelaide, where they were seen with Carly on the coast on February 19, 2007.

The following day, her body was found floating in shallow waters at nearby Horseshoe Bay.

To summarize this delusional love-affair:

Carly met a fictitious user, named “Brandon” on whom was allegedly used by two people (Father and son) or by one of them only. The Father made a username called “Shane” and told Carly that Brandon was his adopted-son. This lead a three-way internet communication (Father, son, carly) to develop.

Later on, the father made another sick-story of buying Carly a house (in Adelaide) for hers and Brandon to live in. After sometime, the Father decided to visit Carly from a neighboring place in Victoria. Which turns out that the he was the one who has sexual interest over Carly.

On February 17, 2007 Father and son was seen going back to Adelaide with Carly on a nearby coast. The following day, body of Carly was found dead floating on Horshoe Bay.

Food for thought:

We should realize that the cyberworld is full of psychos too and the one thing that we should learn is that, a person could be anything he wants to be on internet and one must be careful on dealing with these type of people. They could send you the sweetest gifts or emails in the world but you still can’t trust them.

You might be shocked when you finally meet their dark-side in real life and boom! it’s too late.


(sources: dailymail) – some parts are edited to make the story more understandable.


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