Beyonce’s Heat Perfume Ad Banned For Being Too Sexy?

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Beyonce’s new TV commercial for “Heat” perfume is definitely too hot for UK viewers to handle!

The red hot steamy perfume commercial which featured the R&B singer has recently been banned from airing on British television before 7:30 p.m. The U.K. Advertising Standards Authority classified the commercial as “too sexually provocative” which makes it not suitable to be seen by young children.

The ASA also added that though the ad is considerably harmless for adults and young adults, many viewers (well in fact, just 14) have complained that their children are actually viewing Beyonce’s sexy ad.

The Heat perfume ad features Beyonce naked in a bathtub while running her fingers all over her body. The  singer donned a very sexy red satin dress and while walking down the hallway run her fingers on the wall surface and set it on fire!

The ad also featured Beyonce’s single “Fever”.

On the other hand, Sony has made no comment about the said issue.

Thus, the hot and steamy ad can definitely provoke a viewer into buying the perfume. And instead of banning the ad on daytime, ASA could have given some PG warnings. Furthermore, it is not so justifiable to ban a Beyonce ad just for 14 viewers’ complaints.

Check out the video and let us know what you think.


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