Black Friday 2010 Violence: Man Trampled At Target Store in New York

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Despite the tight security that each retail store and shopping center is imposing on Black Friday, there will still be violence and accidents that will occur. And this is what happened to a certain man who just wanted to get cut-priced goods.

Keith Krantz was pinned down to the ground by a mob of shoppers in a Target store in New York as shown in a video footage. The mob were eager and frantic to get the best bargains of the store that most of them did not care if their fellow shopper was being trampled

When interviewed by the local media, all he could tell was “At that moment I was thinking, I don’t want to die here on the ground”. While he was being trampled, he cried for help which could clearly be heard by a lot of people. But it was only the security guards who responded to his cries for help as they braced the crowd in order to get Krantz to safety.

According to a video footage, it was obvious that Krantz was really in pain before disappearing from the camera to find his brother. After being rescued, he was rushed to the hospital when he as given painkillers and some X-rays.

It was a controlled crowd at first, but in less than five minutes, people became eager as Target opened their doors, according to a fellow shopper Rich Mathewson. “And then it just got nasty”.

As for Target, they are taking responsibility on what happened and are taking this incident very seriously.

The safety of our guests and team members is a top priority. Target plans well in advance of Black Friday and employs numerous crowd management tactics to prevent incidents. We continually analyze and improve those plans, and will do so in this case, to help ensure a safe and enjoyable shopping experience.

This is just one of the violence of Black Friday 2010 as other incidents were reported yesterday. A fight broke out in a food court, a woman hurled gun threats at shoppers on Toys R Us, while a woman was arrested because she clashes with shoppers violently. And this is all to buy cut-priced goods. Indeed, there will always be violence on Black Friday. We hope that these incidents will be a lesson learned for retailers as they brainstorm more on plans to have a less violent Black Fridays in the next years to come.

The horrible stampede was caught on video. Check it out!



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