Black Friday Sales Good For Online Stores, What About Cyber Monday?

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Black Friday is indeed the biggest shopping day of the year, where people lined up the day before to get hold of the best bargains in town before everything ran out. It is also here that people get trampled and tempers flare thus violence cannot be avoided. And it is here that, recently, shoppers would prefer to do online shopping than shop in stores.

It looks like the Black Friday sales are doing a good job on increasing sales for online retailers than in-stores as overall 15% sales growth was seen between Black Friday 2009 to this year’s BF, according to Coremetrics.

Also, consumers are smarter now because before shopping, they’ll be doing a list first on what to buy, And then when they shop online, they view fewer items and fewer pages, as well as few on-site searches because they already know the things to buy beforehand. People nowadays are practical and would prefer to stay at home and do shopping online than brave the traffic and crowds on the stores. And with this conclusion, it is said that overall spending this Christmas season is lower as more people are prefer to get the best deals online.

But high Black Friday online sales does not mean it would also be high sales on Cyber Monday 2010. It is said that Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day of the year because shoppers, especially those shopping from their workplaces, rush to online stores to shop what is left from the Christmas shopping list. But some experts such as internet tracker comScore says it was never the biggest online shopping of the year.

Despite that though, the internet tracker says that Cyber Monday will do much better than Black Friday online sales and most likely, shoppers will spend more here. According to Andrew Lipsman, comScore’s senior director of industry analysis, “Americans spent almost $900 million at online retail stores on the Monday after Thanksgiving—compared with $595 million on Black Friday and $300 million on Thanksgiving Day”.

We believe this is true so expect a lot of traffic on online stores this coming November 29. We think online stores this coming November 29. We think you need to get up early so you won’t run out of the products that you want, but at least you’ll still be in your PJs shopping and at the comfort of your home. Indeed, when it comes to practicality, online shopping is better than going to stores and risk getting into an accident. And here, you can save up more than in-store products.



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