Blekko Search Engine: Eliminates Spam In Search | Release Date & Review

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A new search engine will come out that will make searching for a topic easier than before. The Blekko Search Engine is introducing the slashtag technology, where it puts out all spam results and allows users to search in just a subset. The slashtag lets you search through a vertical search engine, meaning it let’s you search a specific area of interest.

One of the upgrades that Blekko has is the auto-fire that lets you search for specific interests rather than letting your search for anything, leaving you sometimes checking the 10th page until you find the specific thing you need. Some of the topics for the searches are: health, finance, recipes, hotels, autos, lyrics, and recipes. You look into a list of topics and find the right slashtag for you, thus letting you read only one kind of interest instead of reading a lot.

Another good thing about slashtags is it keeps your browser not clogged because there are already specific interests in your browser that you can look into without going about through the normal search engine that makes you search until the last part of their pages.

One example is when in Google, and you search for New York hotels, a lot of websites, even those that are not useful will appear. But in Blekko, they will give you the very important sites that give you the best New York hotels. You won’t have to look at the last pages before finding the right one, because Bekko provides it for you.

Blekko will be releasing its public beta today, October 30 to 8000 beta testers and they have created more than 3000 different slashtags. This a good search engine because, at least, it will save time in looking for specific topics that you need without even going to the last page.


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