Bloom Energy Introduces New Fuel Cell Tech

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Bloom Energy called for a press conference, Wednesday at Silicon Valley. This conference intends to unveil its new, heavily hyped technology, which harnesses chemical reactions to create energy. This event follows their company’s mission to revolutionize the world’s fuel sources.

In a press con, it has been highlighted that the energy’s fuel cells are flat, solid ceramic squares made from a common sand-like “powder” and are painted with patented inks to create anode (green) and cathode (black) sides. Each fuel cell represents 25 watts of power or enough for one light bulb.

The bloom energy server,  the company’s main product as of now is a generator based around a smart new fuel cell technology. Fuel cells rely upon chemical reactions to generate energy rather than fossil fuels, and as such are considered cleaner, more affordable, and more reliable than the traditional energy sources.

Fuel cell technology has been under development for decades, primarily concentrating on chemical reactions using hydrogen.

NASA’s Mars space program, where Dr. KR Sridhar, principal co-founder and CEO of Bloom Energy, inspires the innovation of this technology. Based from study, it was charged with building technology to help sustain life on Mars, where its main mandate is to use solar energy and water to produce air to breathe and fuel for transportation.


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  1. The world needs hydroelectric or solar energy, not nuclear energy, coal or gas! Wind energy is great too but it is harder to utilize than solar and generates less power.

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