Bret Michaels Diagnosed with Brain Hemorrhage

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Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” Bret Michaels had been diagnosed of having subarachnoid hemorrhage after being rushed in an unnamed hospital last Thursday evening. The 47 year old hair-metal legend suffered excruciating head ache that day.  However reports state that he is already stabilized and in good spirit last Friday evening.

CAT Scans, MRIs and anglogram were conducted to him keeping him in the Intensive Care Unit where he was being monitored and further be tested to determine the cause of the said hemorrhage.  The next 24 to 48 hours had been critical for the hair-metal legend.

Michaels is known to be a fighter and sufferer of juvenile diabetes or known as type 1 diabetes where constant monitoring of blood sugar level is needed. He had also undergone an appendectomy earlier this month at a private care facility for diabetics. The Poison frontman had been under medical supervision of the said surgery. Although some attribute the singer’s diabetes and recent appendectomy as the cause of the hemorrhage still his doctors have no medical report being released yet.

Bret Michaels is best known for fronting the hair-metal band Poison, which is one of the biggest bands in the 80’s and early 90’s. They’re famous for their songs like “Every Rose has its Thorns” and “Something to Believe in” which topped the hit charts.


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