Bright Blue UFO Captured On Mobile Phone?

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If there is one thing that keeps people speculated and wondering, that would be an unidentified flying object (UFO) sighting. And that’s what happened last night, Sunday, as people saw a said UFO sighting in Virginia.

A bright blue light was seen in the night skies of Centerville, Virginia as residents of the town hobbled together and observed the flying object. A guy living near the Dullus airport, Bryan Fains, saw the light and immediately grabbed his phone to capture the blue light.

The light, as seen in the video from all over the net, was going back and forth, up and down around the sky for 10 minutes until it zoomed off somewhere. It was considered a silent light because there was no noise and just kept on moving and moving. “I’ve never seen a blue light flying around before”, Bryan Fains said. He believes it is a UFO.

The residents were so curious and spooked at seeing the blue light that it suddenly disappeared when a lot of people started observing its unusual behavior. After seeing what happened, people kept telling this story until the news spread quickly over the nation, and the story was being reported in major networks.

The UFO community is excited about this incident, knowing there really is something out there and this bright blue flying object is a UFO. One supporter even said, “There is no question of intelligent life out there, the evidence of many years has told us this” and that we are not just listening to these “evidences”.

As Bryan Fain said, “Just as long as we are here, I’m sure there are other people, or things, here.”

Maybe what he is saying is there are still some of us who do not believe in such things as UFOs and aliens, when there have been such “proofs” in the past that there is life out there in space. We just do not know how big that life is. I do think there is such thing as UFO, and if they are that bright blue light, then maybe they are sending a message to us. I know it will take a long time before it is proved that light was a UFO, but I also think that light appeared for a reason.


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