Butterball Turkey Hotline For Perfect Turkey Feast On Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is here already and one of the things that people will be busy doing is making turkey. There will be more than 50 million people who will be making turkey, but there is also the possibility that most of these 50 million will be making mistakes in cooking. As one of the people who can make the mistake, don’t you wish you have someone to help you.

Well, worry mo more as Butterball Turkey Hotline will be there for you to help you with your turkey and Thanksgiving troubles. It is a phone line set up every year on Thanksgiving and has 50 “turkey-talkers” that will help you in your troubles in cooking the big bird. If you want to have the perfect turkey to make your Thanks giving perfect, then this hotline is here for you.

Marge Klindera has been talking about turkey advices in the hotline for almost 28 years and tells people some of the common mistakes being done when cooking the turkey.

One of the problems the hotline points out is thawing. People do not give enough time to thaw the turkey and end up not being fully unfrozen at all. So, people get panicked when the turkey is not cooked properly.

The tip that Butterball Turkey Hotline can give? “You can always leave it in the bag, immerse it in cool water and then for each pound it takes 30 minutes. You can do a combination: Start it in the refrigerator then put it in cold water, put it back in the refrigerator.”

Another common mistake not getting the even, golden caramel color because the turkey was not roasted well. Klindera advices the open pan method where “you put the turkey on a flat rack in a shallow pan and put it in a 325 degree oven.” Then you have to roast it for around two-thirds througout and put a little foil over the breast. As a result, this give you a tender and juicy turkey for a perfect Thanksgiving.

The Butterball Turkey Hotline will always be there for you in your turkey troubles because they know Thanksgiving should be always perfect, especially on the turkey. Don’t hesitate to call them with the hotline number 1-800-BUTTERBALL and get advices and tips that you will need this Thanksgiving.


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