Call Center Agent threatened to blow-up a customer’s house.

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I know some of you may have experienced a problem with call-center agents before. It could either be a DSL connection not working, cellphone network out of reach, landline disconnected, etc. Though in the end, the dispute is always settled on a civilized means.

Today, a 24-year old, former supermarket worker (Allan Wardle) from Wallsend, North Tyneside got the biggest shock of his life when he receives a phone call from an anonymous guy threatening to blow his house up and hurt him after he had a heated-discussion with a call-center agent on BT networks.


Mister Wardle called BT networks hotline asking for assistance on his broken-internet connection. He then manages to talk to one of BT’s call center agents to finally solve the problem. To Wardle’s dismay, the simple problem turned into a heated dispute:

The operator told me that he couldn’t diagnose the problem unless I was online,’ he said.

‘I told him again and again that if I could get online I wouldn’t be calling in the first place. It was getting ridiculous.

‘He wouldn’t listen and I did swear at him, I think, but he was refusing to fix  the problem.

‘He was rude and unhelpful, it made me feel sick. I want BT to get to the bottom of this,’ he added.

Then around 10:30 pm, Wardle received a sinister phone-call right after the argument with the agent (allegedly located on India), making threats about blowing-up his house and hurting him. The victim has a reason to believe that the one who made the threat was the call-center guy because the hotline number of BT network appeared on his telephone’s “caller-id”.

I couldn’t believe what I heard, I  was incensed,’ he said.

‘Literally a minute after I put the phone down I was called back by a man who said: “I will blow your house up, I will hurt you.”

‘I was scared at first, then really angry. I called the police straight away.’

‘I’m disgusted that something like this can happen with such a respected company.

‘It doesn’t get much worse that someone – a stranger – saying he is going to blow you up.’

A spokeswoman for BT networks said that an internal security investigation would be set in motion about the alleged threats. Northrumbia Police is also eyeing the situation and already launched a follow-up investigation.


We can’t help but to be feel fortunate that our little disputes from past call-center agents didn’t turn out as menacing as this one. We should keep in mind that “people are just people” and they always have a tendency to reach a boiling-point no matter what their country/religion/race may be.

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