Calle Ocho Hides Secrecy At Best

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Ironically, Calle Ocho has best-kept secret with a marquee and the best popcorn in the city.  This happens as of showings at the University of Miami’s Bill Cosford Cinema and trips to Miami Beach Cinematheque. Another secret,  the movie listings that left much to be desired

On the other hand, some find they were overloaded with Hollywood premieres but lacking in offerings from Europe or interesting retrospectives like those that can be enjoyed in New York City.

The Tower is somewhat unnoticeable, its Art Deco architecture overshadowed by the clinking of the tiles in Domino Park and the salsa music that flows from the nearby stores. In the middle of the tropical esthetics with an abundance of murals showing palm trees and peasant huts, raises the charming tower of this building, erected in 1926 to show silent movies.

Ever since, the theater has had its ups and downs, and at one time was even shut down. Fortunately, Miami Dade College rescued it some years ago and, under the direction of the hard-working Orlando Rojas, manna now descends on what once was a desert for lovers of the cinema.

As in every neighborhood theater worth its salt, part of the Tower’s interest and charm is that it is a small-scale business, where Rojas, in addition to scheduling the programming, collects the tickets at the door.

It has brought us the works of Pedro Almodóvar, the new independent Spanish cinema, divertissements by French director Claude Chabrol, pleasant surprises from Argentina, the latest scandal by Von Trier and revelations from the Middle East. It is a breath of fresh air that revives us on weekends.


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