Celebrity Networth Website Crashed By Daniel Tosh?

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Daniel Tosh just made the website Celebrity Networth shut down on the internet. Apparently, it was the flood of users getting into the site that was the cause of the problem. In his program Tosh O in Comedy Central, Tosh mentioned the online site. All of a sudden, the net was instantly transformed into a traffic jam with a lot of netizens entering the site. The poor site crashed because of the influx which its small server couldn’t handle.

Recently, Tosh also commented in his show about Demi Moore Bush, which is a photo of a young Demi Moore showing her naked breast and pubic region while wearing a scantily clad blue dress. Tosh O provided the means to get the genuine photo by describing the link and how to get there which in turn made a host of internet yuppies searching for the photo making it a hot search at Google Trends for a day.

Events like these, makes you think of the power of media over the thoughts of people especially those who live on rumors. Celebrity Networth has yet to make a statement about what happened to their site, and will probably hush it up due to the fact that a lot of curious people really became interested in the site. But ironically, Daniel Tosh also provided the means to crash a website that runs on puny servers.


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