Charlie Sheen Strikes Again In Los Angeles?

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Charlie just can’t get enough with trouble. If you think that hotel rampage from New York was enough to get him to clean up his act, well, think again—because now, he’s getting worse.

In less than five days since the Anderson and hotel rampage incident, Charlie Sheen is on the spotlight again with the same reason: cocaine and hookers. It looks like it’s his routine to have booze and drugs plus women anytime he wants.

Landing in Los Angeles after the incident in a New York hotel, the “Two and a Half Men” actor is back to going out of control by partying wildly with hookers and cocaine in his house non-stop. Some sources from Sheen’s team are devastated because nobody can stop him and it seems as though not doing these partying with drugs will give him withdrawal syndrome.

“It’s been non-stop party of drugs and hookers since Charlie got home. His handlers have no idea how to get him to stop.” the source said in an interview with, “He is completely out of control.”

A friend of the actor who has known him for more than 20 years has told the media that he “is going to die this week”. Well it wouldn’t be a surprise since what he’s doing can kill him—physically and mentally. The team is getting troubled by his actions because it looks like he won’t be stopping anytime. And because of these issues with Sheen, stories are coming out that leave people thinking if these incidents are true.

For one, TMZ asked Sheen’s manager if all these “out of control” behaviors of the actor are true. Mark Burg denies it, saying these reports are “reckless lies”. He even visited Sheen in his house and said that he was totally fine and was told that he was going to hand out candies for Halloween.

Then, it was also reported that his bosses from CBS are thrilled with Sheen’s behavior because they were sure it would boost the ratings of “Two and a Half Men” and would cater more to the younger crowd. As of now, there is no confirmation if this is true.

Charlie Sheen’s father, Martin Sheen plans to bring his son back to rehab for intervention because friends have warned him that his son’s lifestyle will kill him. A former alcoholic himself and getting in and out of rehab for many times, Martin is considering the intervention because he was worried that his son “is being led astray by hangers”, thus he has to be separated from the people around him.

The actor is said to be back on set of “Two and a Half Men” by Tuesday, but with the reports circulating about his behavior, I don’t know if he’ll be able to work straight. If he really is into booze, drugs, and hookers, then I can’t imagine him working on the sitcom anytime soon.


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