Cheap Heart Pill That Could Prevent Heart Disease?

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Don’t you wish there was a pill that could prevent a major illness without spending a lot of money on treatments and surgery? Well, researchers from University of Glasgow have answered your wish as they created a pill that will reduce death from heart disease patients—and it’s affordable.

In Britain, where the number one killer for people is heart disease, the researchers have done a study where they tested 3,000 patients for over four years by letting them take a drug called Eplerenone. Researchers call this the heart disease pill where it can save tens of thousands of lives every year.

According to them, the patients who took the drug are most likely to die or need treatments and that with this trial, it will change the way doctors will manage their patients with heart disease. “Everyone with heart failure should be considered for treatment with a drug of this type – it will make patients feel better, stay out of hospital and live longer.” Research Professor John McMurray said from mthe Institute of Cardiovascualr and Medical Sciences at the University of Glasgow.

The good thing about this pill is that it is every affordable and there is a generic version in the drugstores of Britain. It only costs £2 per pill and researchers are hoping that this pill will be available across the globe. This is what people with heart ailments need now in order to live longer and enjoy life without worries of expensive treatments and surgeries.

The pill will also prevent blood clotting and reduces the effects of the harmful hormones called cortisol and aldosterone that are produced in a patient with heart disease.

Heart disease is the biggest killer in people as it builds up fat in the coronary arteries, bringing blood into the heart. This also results to blood making the arteries narrower and restricting the blood flow into the heart, and makes it harder to pump blood all throughout the body. As a result, the patient would feel chest pains or suffer a heart attack. More than 2.6 billion British people have heart disease while more than 94,000 die each year.

In Britain, they spend a lot of money on treatments and surgeries than any European country in the world. With this pill, they can truly save a lot of millions on the treatments, and instead just spend £2 per pill and have the possibility of getting well and live longer. This is truly a breakthrough and, hopefully, it will be available globally.


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