Chelsie Hightower And Michael Bolton In DWTS!

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Latin ballroom dancer and Emmy-nominated dancing personality Chelsie Hightower is Michael Bolton’s partner in the latest season of celebrity dance reality showdown, “Dancing with the Stars.”

Bolton, who had ruled in the music industry for several years, will try his luck and pour his talent in the different side of the entertainment industry. Surely, he will have some edge over his competitors given that the 21-year old famous dancer, Chelsie Hightower,  will be the one to accompany and teach him the moves.

The two seems to have come from the opposite ends of the spectrum—Hightower is an established name in the dancing arena whereas Bolton has no professional dancing background at all. The singer even avoided the idea and the activity for the longest time.

Michael Bolton shared that even though he had some dancing routines in some of his music videos, and even if professional choreographers have helped him through — once  during the taping on one of his MVs — all he could think of is the singing and not the dancing part!

Bolton did not deny his admiration to Chelsie Hightower’s professionalism in dancing. He could not help but be impressed with the young dancer’s skills. Mr. Bolton is confident that the two of them makes an excellent dancing pair.


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