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Dear students,acid molecules

Welcome to Chemistry Corner, your Chemistry tutorial site. I am very grateful to Pinoytutorial administrators  for giving me the opportunity to have an online education site like this. Thru this blog, I will disseminate all my lectures, assignments, seatworks and helpful exercises. The goal of this website is to have an interactive learning between Professors and students.

I strongly believe that interactivity is a good way of learning something, and what could be better than combining education and technology. You can study chemistry and at the same time be updated with the current technology updates.

Feel FREE to ask any questions. You can post them on this site so that others can learn as well. I hope you’ll soon realize that Chemistry can be FUN too.

That’s all for now and be ready for your next assignment.


Professor Erlinda T. Nuguid

Professor of Chemistry

Faculty of Pharmacy

University of Santo Tomas,

Manila, Philippines


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  1. jan bendric borbe says:

    ang cool ni2 mam! hahaha

  2. Regine Leonardo says:

    Hi Ma’am,
    I just want to ask where are the questions that are to be answered tom?

  3. Ara says:

    wew. COOL :)

  4. Raiza So says:

    Ma’am, where would we get the questions for the seatwork?

  5. pinoytutorial says:

    Hello, please view new entries on Chemistry corner here:

  6. marionne maye nicer says:

    wow ma’am! ang cool. . .

  7. marionne says:

    ma'am. . u haven't post our prelims grade yet. . 1DMT

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