Chile Quake Death Toll More Than 300 And Still Counting!

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Chileans as of the latest report are still counting dead people, more than 300 on the record and still rising due to 8.8-magnitude earthquake that struck at 3:34 a.m. EST, early Saturday  in central Chile, roughly 200 miles southwest of Santiago.

The authorities are finding hard times to determine the current death toll because people are being pulled from the rubble. One thing is sure, the number of dead will most likely rise as search and recovery for earthquake victims continue.

US President Barack Obama already offered hands  to Chilean President Michelle Bachelet for any assistance they can extend to the victims.

As of this writing aside from more than 300 dead victims, around 1.5 million Chileans are homeless. Residential homes and commercial buildings ripped apart,  the catastrophe also mangled roads, overpasses and bridges

There are some people  who still considered Chile quake as blessing in disguise as to compare to Haiti’s calamity. It is  because Haiti’s death toll was approximately 230,000 due to 7.0-magnitude earthquake while Chile’s death toll is only 300 plus, despite being an 8.8 quake magnitude

President Michelle earlier declared the country in a  “state of catastrophe.”


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