CNET’s Review on the iPad vs. Microsoft’s Tablet

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apple ipad CNET, a global leader in technology and gadget information, has recently reviewed the Apple iPad and how it affected its competition, the Microsoft Tablet PC. According to CNET, the iPad is a good gadget for note-reading, but would not likely replace a smartphone or a notebook.

CNET adds that with just the exception of the memory (only up to 64GB), the iPad can compete with some notebooks. The newest Apple gadget has advanced graphics and a crisp display, a much-faster processing speed, and an extremely light 1.5 to 1.6 pounds of total weight. It can even outsell regular notebooks that seem like boxes, weigh about 3 to 7 pounds, have an average screen display, and have a lot slower processing time. Also, iPad’s price of about $500 is very much buyable when pitted against affordable notebook PC’s.

CNET also cites an interesting retrospective regarding tablet computers produced by Microsoft. The technology giant released a Compaq prototype Bill Gates named as the Tablet PC. It seemed like a bigger version of the iPaq handheld. However, the Tablet PC was unable to draw many buyers. Samsung’s similar tablet computer called Q1 also failed to attract the buyers’ attention. Apple successfully caught the handhelds market with the iPad and is expected to sell 4 to 5 million units in 2010.

CNET reports that Microsoft is yet to see an “iPad killer” as it hopes for a new breed of more interesting tablets. CNET’s Phil McKinney states that, since 2005, Microsoft has been continuously working to come up with an entertainment-oriented line. The gadget, supposedly having 8.9 inches for a screen, is anticipated mid-year. Microsoft is also attempting for a dual-screen handheld codenamed Courier which, in early 2009, had videos leaked out online.


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