Cyclone Yasi: Biggest Storm Ravages Australia

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Cyclone Yasi is the most destructive cyclone to ever hit Queensland. According to Ergon Energy there are now about 180, 700 customers who still got no power because of the damages caused by Tropical Cyclone Yasi. It includes 71, 902 (85%) of customers in Townsville and Ingham while 45, 916 in Cairns.

Authorities said that Cyclone Yasi is the worst ever cyclone experienced compare to Cyclone Larry (2006) that was accompanied with hundreds of electric poles damaged and broken down. Different crews were deployed to assess the damages but restoration of power would take weeks.

Based from estimates over 90% of Australia’s banana crops are wiped out as the cyclone progressed overnight.

Recovery teams from the Australian government have found more than hundreds of homes in Queensland that are seriously damaged by the cyclone. There are 60 homes from Cardwell, 21 homes from Tully Heads and 22 homes from Mission Beach acquired the most serious damages from the disaster that has hit Queensland after many years. Seventy boats from Port Hinchinbrook are also damaged.

An update of the cyclone’s position: It is now at 385 km from Mt. Isa as a category 2 down from category 5. Even though the storm is weakening, it is still considered to be dangerous and noted as “quite a severe storm.” It is expected to pass over Mt. Isa at 10 o’clock tonight.


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