Darius Set World Record As The Largest Rabbit!

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Guinness World Record had already marked its name on the largest rabbit in the world. Darius, a continental giant is 4 ft 3 inches tall and weighs almost 65 lbs. is known to set the record as the worlds largest bunny. It had beaten the previous record owner, Alice. The two both have the same weight yet Darius is longer.

This 12 months old bunny is expected to grow longer and heavier for another 7 lbs in span of 3 m months. Its breeder, Annette Edwards said that for now this big creature is consuming 6 apples, a dozen carrots and 2 cabbages in a day. Whoa! Darius is surely a heck of an eater.

Edwards has 4 breeds of continental giants, and all had been record holders. Roberto, 3 ft 6 inches owned the record a the worlds largest bunny in 2004, Amy 4ft had it on 2008, Alice the offspring of the two had it but eventually lost and passed it to Darius.

Annette Edwards was first known early this year for her obsession of a cartoon character. This 57 year old great grandmother had done anything just to attain the Jessica Rabbit look. Jessica Rabbit is a character from the show Who Framed Roger Rabbit and is known to be the sexiest character of all time. Edwards had spent $16,000 to done herself and be like Jessica Rabbit. She said that she even eat like a rabbit and had adopted the “The Jessica Diet”.


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