Darth Vader The Force Commercial Super Bowl XLV

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Bringing entertainment in advertising is what the Super Bowl XLV commercial all about. In the commercial little Darth Vader attempts to make the world move with his “imaginary force”. The Volkswagen commercial touched parents and kiddos alike. After its debut last week, VW :The Force is now a YouTube hit with 22.3 million views and counting. Like a virus breakout, and as soon as the commercial was released, viewers were intrigued about the kid behind the mask.

Meet Max Page. The 6 year old kid behind Darth Vader’s mask was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot four months after his birth. Literally, Max has a hole in his heart. TOF is an unfortunate congenital heart defect for children. Dr. Michael Silka, the head of cardiology at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles where Max received his pacemaker, is very positive on Max’s recovery.

Even having a pacemaker, Max continuously makes the best out of life. Aside from this sensational commercial, he played the character of Reed Hellstrom on “The Young and the Restless.”

The undeniably cute Max Page admits he has never seen Star Wars. But just last night during an event at the Golden Theater at Los Angeles, Max finally met the real Darth Vader- James Earl Jones.

In case you haven’t been inflicted yet with the viral-video, here’s Volkswagen commercial: The Force:


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