David Beckham Affair: Just Another Celebrity Rumor?

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The magazine In Touch held an exclusive interview with Irma Nici, a former call girl, who stated that she went to bed with David Beckham after being paid ten thousand dollars. In a one night stand, Nici narrated in the interview what sex is like with David Beckham. Beckham denies the incident as having happened and is preparing a lawsuit against the magazine for having published it.

Now the magazine wants to corroborate the interview with another woman’s evidence. Kristin Davis stated that the incident was more than rumor. Apparently, Nici called her to provide women for a client. Nici actually named David Beckham as the client.

Well, this is not the first that women have actually talked to the press about their sexual dealings with David Beckham.

In April 2004, Beckham was also tagged by a British tabloid of having an affair with his personal assistant named Rebecca Loos, whom apparently also gave the magazine an interview. In another occasion, an Australian model also staked her territorial claim on Beckham’s bed. In both cases Beckham denied having any involvement with them.

Well, it must be that history repeats itself. But in any case, it is still early to conclude if the latest issue on Beckham is true. Either Beckham is a consummate liar and the women accusing him, wants to connect their names with his, or he is telling the truth that nothing happened.

Victoria Beckham must be going nuts again right now.


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