David Cassidy: Former Teen Star Arrested for DUI

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Why is it that former heartthrobs and superstars go bad and are caught with either booze or drugs? First Charlie Sheen, now David Cassidy.

Former Teen Start of “The Partridge Family”, David Cassidy, was arrested last Wednesday at 7:30pm and was charged with Driving under Influence (DUI) by the Florida Highway Patrol. Cassidy caught the attention of the said patrol group because he was swaying and weaving on Florida’s Turnpike.

When he was pulled over, the 60-year-old Cassidy admitted to the officer that he drank a glass of wine around lunchtime and drank a painkiller. After some searching, they found a half-empty bottle of bourbon in his car. The police instructed Cassidy to comes out and noticed that he was “swaying while standing”, according to TMZ.com. Aside from that, his alcohol content reached above Florida’s legal limit of .08—0.139 to 0.141. If that is not an evidence of DUI, I don’t know what is.

But a representative of the actor says otherwise, with a statement saying that he would never drink while driving and the tests done to Cassidy does not properly measure his blood alcohol content. Jo-Ann Geffen, Cassidy’s spokesperson, says that he would not be even driving if he had not gone from a funeral. “He would never jeopardize anyone on the road […] he’s never been arrested in his life before for anything”.

Fortunately, the former teen star was released from jail on Thursday early morning by paying the bail of $350.00.

I just can’t believe on what is happening to former heartthrobs who are now under the influence of drugs and alcohol. I thought I had heard enough of Charlie Sheen, but there are still more child/teens stars who have gone mad. Well, I do hope Geffen’s statement is true that he does not drink while driving. It’s just so bothering that former superstars are going to the dark side.

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