Delta Flight 4951 Emergency Landing At JFK Airport

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The drama which unfolded at John F. Kennedy Airport’s Runway 31 recently was one for the movies. Sixty passengers of Delta Flight 4951 just had a harrowing experience when their plane had a malfunction on its right landing gear and had to make an emergency landing. The gear was stuck and could not be lowered down.

The pilot reported the plane’s condition to the JFK Airport’s control tower and was advised to land at Runway 31. As the plane landed, sparks flew (see video below) off the plane’s right side as the right wing tip touches the ground but the pilot manages to put the plane to a stop within the runway area. Passengers began to troop out from emergency exits unto the runway as ambulances and fire trucks race towards the plane.

The fire trucks were readied in case the plane’s 3000 gallon fuel catches fire and the area was evacuated momentarily. Thankfully, the plane did not explode. The passengers were all unhurt but were shocked because of the experience. When interviewed by the press later on the pilot seemed to have never left his cool during the landing process. Investigations are now being done as to why the landing gear was stuck.

The flight was set to travel from Atlanta City to New York and had to make a stop at the JFK Airport when the problem occured. The plane was a Delta Connection flight managed by Atlantic Southeast Airlines, a regional subsidiary of Delta Airlines based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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