Desiree Jennings’ Unending Search For Answers

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Desiree Jennings was living a perfect life. At the age of twenty-five she worked in a major company, has a successful man for a husband, an ardent runner and to make her life even more interesting, she was Washington Redskins’ cheerleading ambassador. Her life reflected happiness and content.

However, all these changed when she felt her body to stop functioning well. What used to be a flexible and graceful body turned into a twisted mess. Jennings had her scheduled flu shot. After she got the shot, she began experiencing body aches. Later on she found himself unable to walk normally, she had difficulty reading, and she developed a weird foreign accent.

The worse thing that Jennings could remember was the occurrence that happened in her “20/20” interview when she started to stutter until the words that came out from her mouth could not be understood. Jennings searched for a cure to her disorder. She found the answers to all her questions at the John Hopkins Hospital.

A physical therapist employed at the hospital told her about dysytonia. It is a neurological disorder that makes the muscles tremble involuntarily. The symptoms were like those that she experienced. Her unending search for the answers to the mystery of the disorder that she is suffering from leads her to consult an osteopath. More of Jennings’ condition will be discussed on “20/20” on ABC.


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