Dexter Season 6 Episode 12: Download and Torrent

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Dexter S6E12

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This is the Way the World Ends

Reader’s Opinion:

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Patricia Genevieve Sachs from United States

It never ceases to amaze me how things can turn 180 in an instant. And despite how many times you’ve calculated its possible outcome, the scenario will always change. Likewise, this is the type of situations that perk my interest the most and as for me, there’s nothing more better show in America that portrays this type of storyline than Dexter. For beginners out there, one should understand the show is not just your ordinary crime-busting unit that investigate and solve crimes. Dexter is way better than that! Since its main protagonist is deeply involve on each case and on each episode, you’ll see how he’s getting corrupted with all the experiences he has as an investigator making him weigh if the end really justifies the means. And since Michael C. Hall portray this character too realistic (scary sometimes), this tv-series is one of the most popular shows in United States as of the moment. Likewise, I hope you guys will continue giving us frequent updates.

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We’re happy to inform everyone this episode of Dexter will air as expected on December 18 in United States. While waiting, you can check out all its other episodes or, take a peek with its previous show (dexter season 6 episode 11).

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