Did the Health care bill pass? | Health Care Bill Update

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Democrats Secures 216 votes to pass the Health Care Bill.

March 21, 2010 will be a remarkable legislation day as all cards will be faced up to bring the 2010 amendments to the Health Care and Insurance policies of about 32 million residents in America come 2014.

Debates and counter checks have brought the bill to a drag since it was made into priority on the earlier part of the Obama administration. Democrats made sure to cling to its revisions after each discussion to get all bargains fixed to loopholes that their members and the Republicans raise to the table.

Arguments on most components of this bill are still unsettled up to this moment but there is no more holding the horses to put the bill over the scale. With the House at 431 headcount right at this moment, a status quo of 50 percent will send out the bill flying to The White House.

Each American household will have their chance to monitor the voting that will begin once final debates are delivered from both the Democrats and Republicans. Whether the temperature that the latter has esteemed will suddenly drop against their calculation cannot surely be just a result of this last set of commentaries from representatives of pros and cons.


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