Discovery Channel Hostage Drama Update

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A hostage drama took place in the Discovery Channel headquarters in Silversprings, Maryland. This to me is a reminisce of the hostage taking incident that took place in Manila, Philippines more than a week ago wherein a busload of Chinese nationals from Hong Kong were taken hostage by a dismissed police officer. In both cases, there were casualties. The hostage-taker in Maryland was shot by police, and the one in Manila, took eight hostages to the next life first, before being shot by the police. Similarly, both hostage takers made ridiculous demands of which there were no alternatives.

James Jay Lee, 43, a so-called environmentalist, took three hostages inside the Discovery Channel headquarters last Wednesday. His demands were for the cable TV channel to stop regular programs that deals with overpopulation. His concern was that it is ruining the planet and that having “infants” in some programs inspire people to have more. The four hour drama ended when Lee was shot by police.

Apparently, this person already had a case before with Discovery Communications Inc. (the one who owns the cable program Discovery Channel), when he picketed in front of the same building before. It is obvious that the incident should have been avoided without any life lost if a restraining order had been issued to Lee.

It is somewhat hard to imagine that visions to help the world could lead to psychological breakdown and eventually dangerous follies. And sometimes when a man is on a mission and has made up his mind, he will not concede defeat and turn back.

Lesson learned: If you can’t handle it, change the channel.



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