DJ Hideo Died of Colon Cancer

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Another lost for the music industry, the death of DJ Hideo is being mourned and grieved by his fans.  DJ Hideo died because of complications of colon after battling with the said disease for over a year after he was diagnosed of stage 4 colon cancer early 2009. The disc jockey died at 3:33 pm Saturday peacefully and was surrounded by his family. The 42 year old jock left behind his 13 year old daughter.

On the day of his death he was still able to post a blog on his site saying that he was checked back into Mission Hospital in Orange Country California because of feeling weak but assured that he has stable vitals.

The late DJ was the former KKBT FM 100.3 the Beat Mix show director, program and production assistant for 9 years. He was able to carve a name for himself for his part as disk jockey of The Steve Harvey Mor Show, John Salley’s Block Parts, Saturday Night Live with host Eric Cubiche and other shows. He was well loved and famous for his accomplishments and contributions in the music industry and community.

DJ Hideo is known as the “Hardest Working DJ on the West Coast”, always on the go and continuously perfecting his rap.


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