Don’t text while driving

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text while drive2

The Philippines is known for being the text capital of the world. According to surveys, 68 million pinoy mobile phone subscribers send over 1billion text messages per day! No wonder, mobile phone operators are having headaches when the duration of prepaid load was lengthened. It really is a big fat business.

We Pinoys should admit that we are very “social” individuals and thru text messages we express our different point of views. However, as good as it is, text messaging could also get you into big big trouble. Text messaging while behind your wheels isn’t only stupid but also very dangerous.

text while drive3 text while drive

According to independent studies, texting while driving increases your chance to have vehicular accidents by 23 times! Handsfree features on mobile phones are introduced to avoid accidents while answering a call during driving. However, this feature doesn’t prevent you from having an accident while text messaging.

One police department, The Gwent Police department in Wales (UK), hopes that its newest PSA film will help deter this bad behavior. The video below shows the graphic drama one could get when texting at the wrong place at the wrong time. (Caution: The video you are about to see may contain very graphic and disturbing images)

Pinoy Tutorial Tip: Texting while Driving Kills! Don’t try it.

We hope this video delivered its message to you.



4 Responses for “Don’t text while driving”

  1. Sonya says:

    I watched your video uploaded from youtube. It’s good I watched the uncut version ^^

  2. pinoytutorial says:

    Thanks, we appreciate it.

  3. Abakada says:

    Texting while driving is habit forming. Its a matter of great discipline to stop this bad habit AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE!!

  4. mIKE says:

    I was waiting for the idiot driver to text someone that "OMG I HAD AN ACCIDENT"

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