Don “The Predator” Frye Retiring | Sports Update

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Don Frye or most known as “The Predator” in the wrestling ring is once a professional wrestler and mixed martial arts fighter. He was feared by his opponents because of his speed and strenght.

The 45 year old fighter started his career as a wrestler in 1984. He was then trained to fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship where he won 2 Olympic events. In the 8th championship, he was handled by Dan Severn and he was able to defeat his opponents in 3 minutes, recording this as the quickest knock out in UFC history however it was broken later.

In 2001, he signed with the Pride Fighting Championship and tracing his career, in 2004 he was with the Japan K-1 mixed martial arts promo Hero which conducted matches for kickboxing and mixed martial arts. From these, he earned his fame and became a huge celebrity.

He is also a professional boxer and a black belter in Judo, had won several titles in professional wrestling both in the US and in Japan and had worked on some movies. He is considered as one of the greatest athlete in sports history.

However in February this year he declared his retirement saying that he just lost his desire and his being a father and need of living with and raising his children as his main reason for leaving his career.


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