Donald Duck A Pervert? Woman Sues Disney!

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If you think that Disneyland is just for pure entertainment, think again!

Things had never been the same for April Magalon, a woman from the Upper Darby, after filing a legal suit against Disney. Magalon claimed that while on vacation in May 2008 at Walt Disney World, she was molested by a man dressed in Donald Duck costume.

Since then, she had been experiencing post-traumatic problems like headaches, digestive disorders and stress.

Because of the incident, she had filed a suit against Disney. The district judge ruled that she can now proceed to bringing up the case in federal courts.

U.S. District Judge John R. Padova, ruled that the case may be brought to Pennsylvania where her fiancée and doctors are all in the said state. This was in contrary to the request of the Disney Company last week to move the case to Florida.

She is one of the numerous women (documented and not) who have experienced the same scenarios in Disneyland’s supposedly “General Patronage” venue. In 2004, as stated in the lawsuit, a 13-year old girl was molested by Michael Chartland in his Tigger costume in Disney ‘s Toon Town but was later acquitted in the case.

Disney’s authorities and officials should address on these incidents urgently because amusement parks like Disneyland are meant to bring fun and excitement to visitors, not terror and shame!


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