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Watch Free Glee S02 E01

Skip this one may contain spoilers!

After the amazing season finale of Glee (Journey), the Gleeks are back again for another school year but this time things will start to heat up. Although, there are no preview or leaked trailer for the season 2 premiere of Glee. Expect that it will be bombastic!

Season 2 of Glee will start this coming fall and it will be divided to 2-parts again. The first half will have 9 episodes and the remaining half will have 13 episodes, just like in season 1.

Rest assured, we’ll keep you Gleeks updated!


In the second season opener, some new faces challenge old ones in Glee club auditions. Meanwhile new and old relationships leave some happy and others alone.
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11 Responses for “Download Free Glee Season 2 Episode 1”

  1. lulu says:

    have u uploaded it yet? i can't find the link,,thank you. =D
    is Mike chang still in sea 2?
    i like him so much!

    • April says:

      Yeppers. He'll be in Season 2.
      And he'll be Tina's new Boyfriend. She was dating Artie but they split up for some reason

  2. Kay says:

    i can't find the link too!

  3. Celine says:

    Yeaa and britney will be in the 2nd episode of the season 2 !!! CANT WAIIIT! GO BRITNEY AND GO BLEE !!! Btw, where's the link? I cnt see it? :/

  4. shay te says:


  5. Thms says:

    Great quality! Also pretty fast download! I hope the rest of episode will be also on this page ;-)

  6. lsj says:

    Thank you for letting us to have a great copy of this episode for those people who can't watch here in the Phils. :) Well, we really like it! Thanks! :)

  7. mrwatthaheck says:

    can't find the link…

  8. Mimie says:

    Do I have to pay in order to download all the Glee series??? Pls assist.. :(

    • pinoytutorial says:

      Yes, it's all stated before you register. After you picked your plan, you can have all the episodes on Glee including the latest ones plus other tv-series without needing to wait.


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