Dyngus Day Celebration Around the Globe

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Dyngus Day or more commonly known as Easter Monday is celebrated largely by millions of catholics around the world but more commonly practice in North American and major countries in Europe.

Easter Monday is the day after Easter Sunday and is met with diversified activities depending on the host country. Usually, families gather together to feast with egg rolls and other Easter treats while some bless their homes with water thus, it sometimes called  “Wet Monday”.

In major countries like Australia, people celebrate Dyngus day with sports event like the Oakbank Easter Racing Carnival while in Central Europe a unique tradition of celebrating Easter Monday is practiced. Boys will wake-up early in the morning and prepare buckets of water. They will pour it on the girls’ heads and strike their legs with twigs to wake them up. I’m not sure if it’s still practice even by grandpas with grandmas!

In the United States several major cities observe Dyngus Day although the most elaborative of all can be witnessed at Buffalo, New York. The city holds the world’s largest organized Dyngus day celebration of all. This year, the 49th annual Dyngus Day celebration is currently on the move and will continue the whole week (until Saturday). The festivities will include a lot of parades, polka, wine drinking and merry making. It is expected that around 100,000 people will attend this year’s Dyngus day event in Buffalo area.

Happy Dyngus Day to all!


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