Ecuador Coup News: Police Troops Staged Violent Protest After Wage Cuts

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The Ecuadoran police and some members of the military rose in revolt after the government recently proposed cuts on their benefits and bonuses.

They had set up checkpoints and road blocks and took over several military and police barracks at gunpoint. At daybreak yesterday, they occupied the Mariscal Sucre International Airport and the National Parliament building in the capital Quito.

President Rafael Correa was also besieged and held against his will inside a hospital within a police installation after being injured in an attempt to diffuse the situation in a nearby barracks. Loyalist military forces had already rescued him from the hospital and escorted him to the Presidential Palace.

Wide unrests were reported to have taken place all over the country as looters began ransacking private buildings and banks. Tires were burned on the streets of Quito. About fifty people were reportedly got injured during clashes between protesters and loyalist supporters.

During his public announcement through the radio inside the hospital, President Correa declared that this act was perpetrated by the opposition and criticized the police for creating the lawlessness that was occurring at present inside the country.

International organizations like the OAS and UNASUR have pledged their support to Correa’s government and stated that everything must be done to prevent instability in Ecuador.

A five day state of emergency was put in place by the Correan government to restore order across the country.


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