Egypt Protesters Hang Hosni Mobarak Effigy: Egyptian Violence Update

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There has never been a great crowd like this before! Hundreds of thousands of people are uniting for one cause in Cairo as they all want to oust President Hosni Mubarak from his reign of 30 years in power.

As days pass by, the number of people gathering in the square has been estimated to be about more than 200,000. This increases as the call for the president to step down is getting stronger each day.

The natives are not showing any signs of giving up in attaining their goal of ousting the ‘Hitler” president. And recently, an effigy of the president hangs over demonstrators in February 1 as a sign of great disappointment and protest.

After one week of continuous protests, there are checkpoints that have been established within the square. Protesters are gathered in all sorts— women, children and men. They all demand an end to the dictatorship of Mubarak.

After almost a week of rally and street protest in Alexandria, Suez and Cairo, BBC news reported last January 30, 2011 that hundreds were said to be killed and more than thousands got injured and wounded to call for the step down of Mubarak .

Leaders from France, US, Germany and UK have urged Mubarak to do reforms to prevent further violence and bloodshed.


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