eHarmony log-in: Helps People with Disabilities

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Gone are the days when persons with disabilities are looked upon with pity and are rendered incapable of doing anything. Technology has made sure these days, that their burden are eased and they can easily interact with other people. Disabilities is not a shame, it is merely a condition like sickness.

And now opens eHarmony, a social networking site to persons with disabilities. It can be said that no man is an island, so does eHarmony recognize this. eHarmony is a United State-based dating site which  is now a global industry leader, a revenue estimate of about $US250 million and a 30 million registered users worldwide. The site has managed to be famous by focusing on old-fashioned matchmaking rather than seeing each other. According to Nightline, eHarmony’s version starts with a line of computer code and numbers that doesn’t always work. But sometimes it does!

At eHarmony, you can see your reviews for free. According to its website, just “enter your first name, your zip code, your country, your email, your password”. You will also need to specify your gender and the gender you are looking for.  It also has a drop-down menu for specifying how one came to know of this dating network.


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  1. Yes, eHarmony is happy to provide our service to anyone who meets our general eligibility requirements, and we are happy to say that included among the 236 eHarmony members marrying, on average, each day are members with disabilities.

    Our site is user friendly, and we are increasing our social presence so anyone can get involved. You are welcome to join our community on Facebook at, and I invite you to follow me on Twitter at

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