Elisany Silva: Tallest Teenage Girl From Brazil

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Today’s tallest teenage girl is Elisany Silva, a 14-year old Brazilian. Standing 6 feet and 9 inches tall, Silva makes everyone short around her.

Her mother said they are not certain if Elisany has abnormalities in her height. In an interview, she said, “I want her to stop growing up to be like the other girls because I know she feels weird and sometimes wants to be like them.” In her doubts, she could not a see a doctor to check her daughter because they cannot afford the hospital charges.

Silva at her young age had to stop going to school because she no longer fits in the school bus. She is so tall that she cannot also play normally with the other teens her age. Even at their house, she has difficulty moving around because her height reaches their ceiling. She occasionally bangs herself in the head with the wooden beams.

According to a doctor, Silva might have a disease called “Giantismo.” Her growth is not normal and is rapid in increase. This may cause her death if she would not stop growing because her body will be stressed and may shutdown her thyroid and ovaries.

Despite such adversities, it is good news for Silva to have her dream of modelling come true. She has an upcoming debut on the cat walk in a Bridal Show to be held in Belem, Brazil.


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