Eminem Died? Another Celebrity Death Hoax

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Eminem is an influential rap star and he was an inspiration to many different people all around the world. He is one of the few American rap stars and has been famous for a long time. Today, people started to say that he died, and everyone wanted to know the details.

eminem died

Some sources say that famous rap star Eminem died this morning due to a horrible car crash. According to them, he was using his cellular phone while he was in his car, and then he was distracted when an oncoming truck crashed into him. Apparently he was brought to the hospital, but he was bleeding so heavily that he died. An alleged “Dr. Adams” said that he took care of Eminem and there was nothing they could do. Apparently MTV was going to have a memorial program for him.

Thankfully for the fans, Eminem is not actually dead. It was all just another hoax brought about by someone who was bored and felt like starting a rumor. No news networks reported this, and thus it was never really believable in the first place. Rumors don’t stop for the holidays, and this Christmas was no exception with Eminem’s alleged death.


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  1. Electro says:

    did anyone check out the BBC interview with eminem when he was bragging his new album wasnt released early? that only makes this so much better

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