Epic Beard Man Again, On The Limelight

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Just like as Scotty Lago and Jazmine Cashmere’s controversies on the world wide web, the Epic Beard Man himself is stealing some attentions with his latest video. Just recently, earlier part of this week, a video spreads around the internet world that shows a fight and confrontation between a grey beard man and unnamed black man.  The grey beard man is realized to be Thomas Bruso, 67-year-old Thomas Bruso, aka “Vietnam Tom”, aka “Tom Slick” and now known throughout the Internet as “Epic Beard Man”.

What follows the realization, that particular grey beard man is the “Epic Beard Man”, himself!   A year ago, August 2009 to be exact,  he appeared on you tube getting Tasered at an Oakland A’s baseball game. Now he appeared as Epic Beard Man who triggers a fight by asking how much the other guy would charge for a shoeshine.  Beard man TRIES to intimidate old man and the old man whoops him. That particular video is penetrating on a lot of news sites and it making its way to national headlines.

As of this writing, there are more than 42,000 comments on the original YouTube post, and sadly, many of them are openly racist.


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