Eugenio Velez: Giant’s Outfielder Gets Hit By A Foul Ball!

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Baseball is always an exciting game to watch but for a moment, people who were watching the game at the Arizona’s Chase field where stunned to see a foul ball hit San Francisco Giants’ outfielder Eugenio Velez in the head.

The foul ball was thrown by his teammate Pat Burrell while he was in the dugout. According to San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy, Velez was sitting on top of the bench and did not see Burrel’s foul ball hurling towards him as his view was blocked by some of his teammates who saw the ball coming towards their direction. He no longer had time to dodge the ball and when he got hit, he fell to the ground. “He never lost consciousness, but was “a little out of it” after first being struck”, he added.

Giants trainers were working into the injured outfielder as the match entered the bottom half of the inning. He was carried out from the field and was brought to a hospital. CT scans showed negative signs of head injury but doctors decided for him to spend the night at the hospital for further observation and for more tests.

Despite the injury that one of their players sustained, the San Francisco Giants managed to win the game over the Arizona Diamondbacks by a 10-4 victory.

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