Facebook Down: Redesign Rumors Surfaced

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Complaints have been heard from hundreds of tweets on Twitter about Facebook’s downtime last October 5, 2010. Some people thought that this was in preparation for a new version of Facebook. It’s been rumored that an improved layout design will come out on Facebook but the social networking site’s management has yet to comment about it. There was also an incident of downtime reported last September 23 affecting users from the UK, US, and Latin America wherein Facebook cited a DNS failure.

Outages and downtimes are not new to Facebook. In 2007, an outage left a breach in security on the site leading to some users reading other users’ personal emails. In 2008, a downtime incident locked out users from Facebook for almost a day. Thrice it occurred again in 2009 when Facebook faced loading problems followed by an incident of computer hacking in the month of September of that year and then another downtime in October which left some users out of the site for about three weeks.

Only one incident of an outage prior to a redesign has occurred on Facebook and that was the October 2009 incident wherein Facebook redesigned its news feed presentation. The last redesign made on Facebook was last May 2010 and no outage or downtime was reported prior to the redesigning.

I’ve logged in to Facebook recently and no apparent changes had been made on the layout design to confirm a redesign. The incident last October 5 might probably just be another service outage.


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