Fat Embolism Examined at House

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In a recent episode of House, they showed a patient dying of fat embolism. This caused a large amount of alarm among health conscious individuals who are dwelling on the subject perhaps too much. So what really is fat embolism?

To delve into the point let us start by cutting the term into two words: Fat, which is a nutrient essential for our bodies to function and can be derived from the food we eat and Embolism, which means a foreign substance obstructs the passage of the blood vessel. Put together, it is when fat has a chance to enter the blood vessels therefore blocking the functions of the circulatory system which may be caused by operation or trauma.

Symptoms of the disease may develop within 12-48 hours. These symptoms include acute cor pulmonale or pulmonary heart disease which results to the damage of the right ventricle of the heart, respiratory failure or the inadequate exchange of carbon and oxygen in the lungs and embolic phenomena which may lead to stroke and death. This may happen after surgery or childbirth.

Treatment can be made by setting a broken bone or putting back a dislocated bone through surgery. These cases happen rarely.


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