Former US Pres. George W. Bush Added Mark Zuckerberg To His Facebook Account

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Former US President George W. Bush has been in Facebook for a long time, and has added another high-profile friend to his account. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is now part of the former President’s FB page and have been reported to exchanging jokes, suggestions and compliments with each other in a live chat on Monday. This chat was watched by almost 7000 viewers.

His chat with Zuckerberg was filled with jokes and praises to the founder of Facebook, as well as promoting and plugging his new book entitled “Decision Points”, which talks about the economy, education and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In fact, it looks like he is taking advantage of his account having around 600,000 friends as shamelessly promotes his book hoping people will read it. “I’ve written this book because I recognize there’s no such thing as accurate short-term history. I want to give future historians a perspective — mine.”

He also slams on WikiLeaks because of a story that he asked New York Times not to be published but was leaked. He felt exposed because the information was supposed to be kept secret and that nobody should’ve known it. Bush says that leaks are very destructive because it can lead to distrust by the foreign leaders.

When it came to the Obama Administration, he did not comment about that, saying that it is not good for the country that a former president like him will criticize his successor. He acknowledges that there are a lot of criticism on the present administration, but this should not affect Obama if he knows what he is doing is right. “The worst thing you can do as a leader is change who you are because there’s critics.”

When asked about Iraq, he said that he hopes there will still be democracy because people want to be free and that it will be an inspiration to the people. At the end of the interview, he was asked how he would like to be remembered, he said: “The guy who protected the country, I guess, and [the guy] who didn’t sell his soul for the sake of politics.”

It looks like everybody can be on Facebook now and Bush has been wise into doing a live chat seen by thousands of people. The Internet has been a good marketing tool for prompting things, and Bush knew about this. It was also in this chat that we got to know the former president more as person without the politics.



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