Former Engineers Spilled the Beans About Yahoo’s Failures

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Who would expect that Yahoo, which had been so famous and popular on the net before, is in chaos?

Well, it looks like that is what’s occurring now as a lot of events happened that showed that they are in complete disarray now. They’ve laid off a lot of their employees this week and shut down some of their products such as Delicious, MyBlogLog, Yahoo Bookmarks and Yahoo Picks. There are also plans of merging with sites such as Upcoming and Fire Eagle. And just when things could get any worse, the Yahoo team said to the public that they are just planning to sell Delicious and had blamed the media for the leak that they are shutting it down. The problem here though is that when you go to the website, an error comes up and is offline.

So, what are the reasons of these failures and what exactly is happening inside the Yahoo group?

Well, we have Yahoo former engineers to explain that as they tell their anecdotes on a Quora thread and explained what made Yahoo crumble.

A former engineer in Upcoming named Neil Kandalgaonkar explained that Yahoo did not act on revitalizing their products as they were not combined into one thing. Instead, most of them were spread throughout different parts of Yahoo were they were subordinated by the existing hierarchy and agenda.

Another former engineer named Kellan Elliott-McCrea said that only 15% of the conversations on Flickr were about building the feature, while 85% were more on dealing and negotiating with Yahoo. 18 meetings over the period of 9 months were spent on discussing how ugly Flickr’s design was and when will it be shutting down.

When it came to Delicious, its former engineer Dave Dash explained that Delicious had been with Yahoo for years, yet they didn’t anything grand with it and had ignored its founder the whole time.

It turns out Yahoo is losing vision of its own company as it is losing more people and its ambitions are crumbled. As far as we know, they can’t think of anything new and are obviously being beaten by their competitors (Google anyone?). It’s sad that a once powerful internet company can go down anytime just because its people are having poor management skills and cannot concentrate on things that are important.

(image: Carol Bartz Yahoo, CEO)


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