Frank Neuschaefer On Bachelorette

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Ali Fedotowsky of Bachelorette gets upset and heartbroken with Justin Rego on the June 28 Monday episode. A girl named “Jessica” called that morning claiming to be the hunk’s girlfriend and revealed that Justin kept on calling her assuring her of his continued affection. Aside from Jessica, a girl named Jesse also called to disclose her relationship with Justin before Jessica. The bachelorette was drawn to a flaming confrontation with Justin who calmed himself first before telling the truth.

The episode shot in Istanbul Turkey, had Ty Brown enjoying a date with Ali in a bathhouse, Frank Neushaefer making Ali inlove again in their shopping date, the four other men in a wrestling to win a one-on-one date with Ali and unfortunately leaving Justin Rego without a rose in the end, as he was kicked off out of the show. Craig Robinson also went home after the episode, eliminated as Ali consistently showed no connection towards him. After the rose ceremony, Ali announced their next stop in Lisbon, Portugal.

Aside from the Justin Rego scandal, there is more heartbreak to come for Ali as revealed by reviews. A scandal made by Frank Neuschaefer is about to make Ali cry in Tahiti. Frank is a thirty-one year old guy who eliminated himself in a planned-out heartbreaking episode after revealing to Ali his love for his ex-girlfriend back home.


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